compact | durable | ergonomic

Understanding that time is money to our customers, Refuel International has designed and developed the GECKO, a Low Profile Low Flow Rate (LPLFR) Mini Hydrant Dispenser, providing excellent operational performance and reduce downtime. GECKO allows efficient and safe refuelling of narrow body aircraft with varying wing heights, such as the Airbus A320, Boeing 737-300, and 737-800 aircraft. The unit’s primary function is transferring fuel from the airport underground hydrant system into the aircraft, via a hydrant coupler, 1400 lpm PD meter and 1135 lpm Velcon Filter Monitor.

The Gecko has no elevating platform, needing only three different height fixed work decks for the operator to stand on, depending upon which aircraft is being refuelled. The upper deck has a pneumatically-operated elevating handrail and a hose with underwing nozzle. The lower and mid decks are serviced by a second hose and underwing nozzle.

Hydraulics have been removed to reduce complexity with all main functions being electric or pneumatically powered. This helps reduce maintenance cost and refueling time. There will be faster turnaround time due to the simplified procedures, which saves at least five to 10 minutes in refuelling an aircraft, allowing customers to refuel more aircraft. Apart from cost savings, the GECKO Mini Hydrant Dispenser also provides better ergonomics in handling the fuelling of narrow-body aircraft with fixed platforms.

Refuel International can customise the GECKO to suit your specific operational requirements.


  • 65L Collector Tank with high-high level sensor
  • Flow Rate of up to 1100 lpm
  • Brake Interlock (vehicle immobilisation) System
  • Emergency Interlock Over-ride
  • Emergency Stop / Fuel Shutdown
  • Pneumatically operated collapsible handrails on top platform
  • Input coupler designed to be LH/RH operation convertible
  • Structural grade aluminium used for lightweight construction
  • Velcon Filter Monitor
  • Static Reels & Fire Extinguishers (one on each side)
  • Spill Kit & Rotatable Worklight
  • Isoil Meter Electronic Register
  • Deadman Control
  • Aljac sampler