Refuel International is continuously developing innovative refuelling systems and designs to meet and value add to customers’ requirements.

                                   Why do we innovate?

We’ve been a leader in our industry for many years and therefore have a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the industry we serve.

Whenever we innovate the ideas come from an initial problem that we’ve found with current technology or the lack there of.

A couple of examples from reality:

  1. The “Croc” is a pneumatic assisted ground coupler lifter; taking the weight and awkwardness out of connecting and disconnecting the pit coupler when refuelling.
  2. The “Gecko” is a mini hydrant dispenser vehicle ergonomically designed to overcome some of the key Occupational Safety Hazards associated with narrow bodied aircraft refuelling operations.

These are devices and vehicle design innovations that have been pioneered by Refuel International for the mobile aviation refuelling industry.

We work closely with our customers and industry partners to understand their challenges and specifications and provide them with customized solutions. Refuel International is extremely flexible in its capabilities, allowing for solutions to be tailored to specific customer needs.