long haul non-stop

Refuel International Rail Connect Inline Refueling System is designed to allow diesel-powered trains to travel long distances without having to stop to refuel. A flatcar with two bulk diesel fuel tanks, one of which has a pumping module underneath, is connected to the diesel locomotive(s), providing constant in-transit refueling of the locomotives. It is a revolutionary fueling system that continuously refuels the locomotive day tanks during long haul operations. The system is designed so that a locomotive can be coupled to either or both ends of the inline fueling system flatcar. Dedicated connections for fuel, electrical / MU and air are provided at both ends of the inline system.

The fueling system is designed to be semi-automatic, meaning that once it has been set, it requires no further human intervention. Activating the system for locomotive refueling is as simple as pushing the Fueling System button (START SYSTEM) on the central Pumping Module Control Panel prior to leaving the base/depot. The system is designed to eliminate the need for the driver of the locomotive to monitor the system, however a driver can monitor the fuel levels in the locomotives’ fuel tanks via the fuel gauge on the locomotive.


  • Continuously transfers a controlled amount of fuel from bulk storage tanks to the locomotive day tank, removing the need to take fuel onboard during long haul trips.
  • Provides operational efficiencies to reduce trip costs and prevent costly delays.
  • Fail-safe technology ensures the integrity of the system during operation and addresses environmental concerns by disallowing refueling if there is a potential leak in the system (for example if any connectors come loose in transit).
  • All fuel connections are via “dry break” couplings
  • On start-up and before each refueling operation, an automatic system pressure test checks the integrity of the fuel lines before allowing refueling to commence.

Rapid return on investment has seen this system quickly becoming standard equipment on long haul locomotives.